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Tailored Wedding Packages for Your Dream Celebration!

wedding photographer Ian Philliips

Wedding Photography

Ian is the perfect choice to document your special day. At Ian Phillips Photography, we understand the importance of your wedding day and the memories that come with it. Ian's keen eye for detail and artistic approach ensure that every shot is stunning and unique.

From the intimate ceremony to the lively reception, Ian will be there to capture every precious moment. With his friendly and professional demeanor, he will make you feel at ease in front of the camera, resulting in natural and authentic photographs.

Whether you're planning a traditional wedding or a more unconventional celebration, Ian Phillips Photography offers a range of packages to suit your needs. From digital albums to printed photographs, we have options to help you cherish your memories for years to come.



Second Wedding Photographer or Drone Photography

As a professional UK wedding photographer based in Somerset, I extend my services to cover the picturesque South West of England and destination weddings abroad. Recognising the significance of your special day, I understand that capturing every moment requires a thoughtful approach.

To ensure comprehensive coverage and to be present in multiple key moments simultaneously, I offer a tailored wedding package featuring the expertise of a second photographer. This dynamic duo approach guarantees that no precious moment goes unnoticed, creating a more extensive and detailed visual narrative of your wedding day.

In addition to our comprehensive wedding photography services, I am pleased to provide a drone photography service. This innovative offering has proven to be particularly popular in collaborations with Estate Agents and Real Estate Property Agents. Whether capturing the grandeur of a property or adding an aerial perspective to your wedding album, our drone photography service enhances the visual storytelling experience.

If you are seeking a professional and versatile UK wedding photographer with a base in Somerset, ready to cover the South West of England or venture abroad for destination weddings, look no further. Explore the possibilities of comprehensive wedding coverage, including a second photographer and captivating drone photography, to ensure that every moment is beautifully captured.


“As an individual and dedicated Somerset wedding photographer, my mission is to capture the authentic moments and connections that unfold between you and your loved ones on your very special day. I value the art of being unobtrusive, blending into your guests as a family member or friend. Navigating through your wedding day with a gentle presence, I aim to allow you to fully immerse yourselves in the moment, cherishing every precious second of your wedding day.

From the beautiful awe-inspiring landscapes of Devon and Dorset to the historic charm of Bristol and the picturesque historical allure of the Cotswolds, I feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to photograph weddings throughout the UK. Somerset is my home County, it truly sparks my inspiration. Drawing from its rich history and stunning landscapes, I find immense joy in capturing the essence of weddings in this beautiful part of the United Kingdom.

Whether you’re envisioning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, I invite you to explore the collection of my wedding portfolio images . These snapshots offer a glimpse into the unique style and artistry that I bring to the weddings I’ve had the privilege to photograph. If you’re seeking a Somerset wedding photographer who understands the significance of your special day and is committed to creating lasting memories, I look forward to the possibility of capturing the beauty and magic of your wedding.”